Placebo effect and Homeopathy

In ancient India, water of River Ganges was considered sacred and believed to cure many diseases.

It is very much possible that river water contains many environmental poisons and herbs diluted and succused infinite number of times during its long journey, starting from the foothills of mountains and until it joins with the sea. Thus river water may be seen as the most comprehensive and natural homeopathic remedy.

So drinking ‘plain water’ may in fact be curing many diseases but most importantly natural water contributes to our general wellbeing by neutralizing many of the environmental poisons that we ‘ingest’ during our everyday life. It works as a nonspecific homeopathic medicine. Distilled water probably lacks this property.

Homeopathy may well be the underlying explanation for the placebo effect, and discarding homeopathy as a mere placebo simply exemplifies our ignorance.



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