Memory of water

Energy and Matter

Scientists are making frantic efforts to discover the ultimate particle/s in their endeavor of understanding the creation. The more they dig in or ‘succeed’, the more are the challenges. Instead of going on dissecting the particles indefinitely, we should come in the opposite direction i.e start from the ultimate One and build on. (Figure 1)

As already mentioned above, the whole Universe is ultimately made from just one thing i.e. the ultimate Energy or the Spirit or the universal Soul or the Almighty or the supreme God or whatever name one may feel comfortable with.Different substances merely represent different patterns of condensation of the same Energy. The various ‘fundamental’ particles (those we know off and those yet to be discovered) may represent some of the intermediate energy states along the path of creation from the ultimate Energy to matter. 

Surely many will understand better if I draw an analogy with the digital world. The whole digital world is made from just One thing (1) and the only other thing is Nothing (0). Various permutations and combinations of the same have created various programmes and ultimately formed the virtual world we all share today.

Fig.1: At the ultimate level the whole Universe must be full of just pure Energy and from this Energy comes all the matter existent in the Universe. At the penultimate level, this Energy condenses into strings. The string will have a heavy but tiny matter pole and a large antimatter pole that has no weight. The strings elongate as their matter poles condense or unite into larger masses. As the Energy condenses to form stars and galaxies, the strings become the superstrings which can span the Universe!


Dynamic Equilibrium between Matter and Energy

Every substance in Nature will be in dynamic equilibrium with the ultimate Energy state from which they are made of.

                             Solute ↔ Energy

                             Solvent ↔ Energy

Interchange of matter and Negative solution state

As both the solvent and the solute are made from the same ultimate Energy, they can be made to enter into a state of absolute equilibrium, by the process of serial dilution and succussion.  

                            Solute ↔ Solvent

So in the super dilute homeopathic solution, the solvent which in plenty can ‘lend’ its energy substrates to the solute which is on the verge of ‘extinction’. So the solute doesn’t disappear totally from the solvent.

Clathrates and memory of water 

The solvent molecules, which have ‘lent’ some of their energy to create the solute molecule, aggregate together to form a cluster or clathrate with solute at the centre. If the solute is forced out of the clathrate because of the dilution forces, the resultant empty clathrate will have an ‘energy deficit equivalent to the solute’ or we can simply say ‘solute deficit’. As more and more empty clathrates are produced by the serial dilution and succession process, the solution becomes more and more solute deficit.

Annihilation/ adsorption of the added solute

Now if we add the solute to this negative solution or the solute deficit state, the reaction runs in the opposite direction. The solute molecule annihilates itself by joining the empty clathrate and repaying its ‘debt’. This leads to dissolution of the clathrate. Hence the solute that is just added ‘disappears’ and its concentration remains more or less unchanged despite its addition. When the equation gets balanced, no further net interchange of matter occurs. From this point onwards, the solute starts appearing in the solution and its concentration starts rising.



  • johnbenneth  On February 2, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Wow! Fantastic! Bravo on a great piece!
    This is really interesting. Who are you? You’re the only other person I nmow of, other than Anagnostatos and myself, who is talking about high dilutes (the homeoapthic remedy) in terms of clathrates, and you’re the only one other than Conte et al to talk about it in clear terms of quantum physics. That puts you in the crosshairs as being pretty unique. I’d be interested in seeing your references, if you have any . .
    I also have to question the assertion that the clathrate can be empty. You might want to consider aerogenous nucleation (Lessell). But other than that, I feel somewhat vidcate here by all the balnk stares an even ridicule I’ve got for saying they’re clathrate hydrates.
    Let me know what you think, and keep up the good work!
    John Benneth, PG Hom. – London (Hons.)
    PS; Subscribed

    • drgsrinivas  On February 17, 2011 at 4:04 pm

      Thank you for your interest and encouraging comments.
      You may be surprized to know that I am an allopathic practitioner ( General surgeon with interest in Gastroenterology)
      Having heard from some of my patients and friends about the efficacy of homeopathy, I started thinking about this ‘weird medicine’ few years ago.
      Now I believe that Homeopathy is a wondeful system which the modern medicine must embrace, and together, this ‘Holistic medicine’ can hugely benefit the mankind and the nature.
      I can understand the opposition from the purely materialistic scientific masses who are blinded by their own knowledge.
      I am seriously involved in experimental work to prove homeopathy